Exponential growth of homotopy groups of suspended finite complexes



报告题目:Exponential growth of homotopy groups of suspended finite complexes

报告人:黄瑞芝(National University of Singapore

报告摘要:While describing entirely the homotopy groups of finite complexes seems to be intractable, progress has been made on the study of the asymptotic growth of homotopy groups. For instance, striking work of Felix-Halperin-Thomas suggests that the rational homotopy groups either are finite dimensional or grow exponentially. We then study the asymptotic behavior of the homotopy groups of simply connected finite p-local complexes, and define a space to be locally hyperbolic if its homotopy groups have exponential growth. Under some certain conditions related to the functorial decomposition of loop suspension, we prove that the suspended finite complexes are locally hyperbolic if suitable but accessible information of the homotopy groups is known. In particular, we prove that Moore spaces are locally hyperbolic.

报告时间: 2018116日(星期二)1600-1700




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