On Lawson-Osserman constructions



On Lawson-Osserman constructions 


时间:20171130日(星期四), 11:00-12:00

地点: 数学院第三报告厅

Abstract: The 1977’ Acta paper by Lawson-Osserman studied the Dirichlet problem for minimal surfaces of high codimensions. Several astonishing results essentially distinct from the case of codimension 1 were obtained there. In particular, they found Lipschitz but non-C1 solutions to the problems associated to Hopf maps between unit spheres. Recently we made systematic developments and discovered certain interesting new phenomena on the existence, non-uniqueness, non-minimizing and minimizing properties of solutions to related Dirichlet problems. This talk is based on joint works with Xiaowei XU and Ling YANG.

报告人简介:张永胜,现为东北师范大学副教授。曾在清华、Stony Brook向唐梓洲教授、Blaine Lawson院士学习微分几何,博士毕业即回国继续calibrated geometry的研究和发展,相关文章已被著名数学期刊Adv. MathJDG发表或接收。Member of American Mathematics SocietyMember of MSRI Archimedes Society


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