Multiplicity Functions and Lusztig-Vogan Bijection


Multiplicity Functions and Lusztig-Vogan Bijection

报告人:张明敬, 中山大学珠海校区

时间: 20171013日(星期五)16:00

地点: 数学院第三教室

Abstract: Let G be a complex reductive Lie group with Lie algebra g and maximal compact subgroup K. Given a finite length (g,K)-module V, we want to understand the structure of its restriction to K. Then we decompose this restriction as the sum of irreducible representations of K with finite multiplicities. This gives us the concept of multiplicity functions.

We will also introduce the Lusztig-Vogan bijection from the point of view of Harish-Chandra modules. At last, we give an explicit combinatorial description for this bijection in some simple cases.

邀请人: 朱富海

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