Management Strategies in Malaria Model Using Optimal Control Theory



报告人:Ruijun Zhao, Minnesota State University


地点:数学科学学院 第四报告厅

题目:Management Strategies in Malaria Model Using Optimal Control Theory

摘要:Malaria has been a big health problem worldwide for a long time. Malaria causes high mortality among children under age five. Though malaria can be treated with Artemisinin-based anti-malaria drugs, the current effective control of the disease mainly relies on preventive strategies, such as insect-treated bed-nets, indoor residual spring. For eradicating the disease, good news is that a promising vaccine, RTS, S will be on the market in a short time. In this talk, I will propose two mathematical models incorporating the vaccination control, one using system of ordinary differential equations, one using age-structure partial differential equations. In both cases, I will use the optimal control theory to investigate the best outcomes.



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